The ideal tool for parents.

Great American Child provides you with simple guidelines as you raise your child, and allows your son or daughter to take an active role in the process. It will teach your child independence, worldliness and appreciation for the hard work that goes into raising a child.

Great American Child is designed to support what children learn in school by teaching them about life and what it means to be well-rounded. The books are also a simple tool you can use to say to your child, “we expect at least this much from you.”

You are also encouraged to participate in the process. You will learn more about your child and yourself, and this will encourage a stronger family environment. By raising a Great American Child, you will be giving the world a legacy in your name.

By choosing the “Opt-In,” to our newsletter you will be sent an easy to follow monthly calendar and regular blog posts about specific monthly topics. It will be easy to pick an activity every night that will require little time and effort. These activities, if done on a consistent basis, will place your child on a path toward becoming the great American we all believe he or she can be.

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