Great American Child – How it all Began

unknown-51This is the first blog in what we hope will be thousands of entries and years of development for American children, parents, future parents, school teachers, administrators, and concerned citizens.

Great American Child started with a simple, yet obscure, question – WHAT IF?

What if we can create a society of healthy, happy and successful children? What do these terms mean?

Okay. First blog – first word.  HEALTHY

Healthy is a vague term, but to have a working definition:

A healthy person is defined as one living at or near his or her optimum level.

This is relative. It would depend on someone’s genetic makeup, age, environment, personality, etc. Let’s assume that every person wants to live a healthy lifestyle. This would mean they have a desire to achieve health in three major areas of life.

1. Body – nutrition, exercise

2. Mind – sleep, art, literature, music, exploration

3. Spirit – meditation, prayer, journaling, charity

So if everyone wants to achieve good health, why are we struggling so hard to pursue it?Choices! Once you choose to be healthy, you will be. You choose to exercise or watch TV. You choose healthy food or fast/junk food. You choose to rest and revitalize your mind or you choose stress and unhealthy lifestyles. You choose to self-improve or self-destruct. Those are your choices.

What about our children? Why are they, in general, unhealthy citizens of the world? Is it their own choices or the choices of their guardians? Both. The issue with American children is they have too many choices, and the poor choices far exceed the healthy ones. What can we do as guardians? Limit their choices to healthy ones and teach them why. To achieve optimum health for your children, you make smart choices for them. Explain why you make this choice – ultimately because you love them. My favorite quote to my daughter is, “I love you too much to let you eat that!” At age 3 she did not understand what that meant, but at age 5 she is beginning to grasp that she is taking a risk by making poor food choices.

Clearly, health is what we want for all American children. We hope this becomes a pattern they will carry into adulthood and pass onto their children. So what is holding us back?

  • Do children know these three areas of health?
  • Are they challenged to pursue them?
  • Do they have access and the tools to begin a healthy approach to life in all these areas?
  • How can we be the greatest country ever created and not have most, if not all, our children healthy?
  • Why do we not have all of our children in constant pursuit of optimal health in school and at home?

Here is the big question and one of the main reasons this company was started:

What excuse could we possibly give that an American child does not have the opportunity to be healthy?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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